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The Zenful Pantry

About Us​

About Us

The Zenful Pantry started as an idea in our Arizona kitchen many years ago. We wanted to intertwine the love of cooking, BBQing and baking with the bounty from our garden. This journey has taken us from the southwest to the northwest. Fast forward a few years and our idea finally became reality while living in Idaho. Close to Boise, but in proximity to many farms, we began selling at our local Farmer’s Market.

At first, the signature Desert Rust BBQ Dust rub recipe became our culinary experiment which was tweaked over time to the perfect blend it is today. Many family, friends and co-workers were our “taste testers” and commented how it was the quintessential combination for all three meats: pork, beef and chicken, whereas many other rubs only cater to one or the other. One co-worker even said it was a great addition to chili and breakfast burritos.

Several years ago we introduced the Fajita and Lavender BBQ Dust to our line of pantry staples. Our fajita rub caters to those that like things with a bit more zip and spice whereby our lavender BBQ rub has a milder side. 

In addition to our BBQ products, we also sell bouquets of flowers and dried lavender. This year we will be introducing decorated garlic braids. They are beautiful and useful -- hung in the kitchen they come in handy when you need a few extra cloves when cooking.  

The Zenful Pantry .... providing food for the soul and flowers to warm your heart.


Petra Cervino


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